Achieve long term success with the

GaBP Ring™

Autolock System.

The GaBP Ring™

Autolock System: Improving the Gold Standard of bariatric surgery.

If you're looking to make a long term commitment, make sure you put a

GaBP Ring™ on it!

How It Works

The GaBP Ring™ device is an annular restrictive ring placed around the surgically created pouch during a gastric bypass procedure to provide a stabilized pouch outlet.

By limiting the amount of gastric pouch dilation after the operation, OPHIMORE recommendation is the GaBP Ring™ device that prevents the formation of a large food reservoir, which keeps patients from overeating to the detriment of their weight loss goals.


Gastric Bypass


Sleeve Gastrectomy

How It Works

Bariatec invites you to learn more about the science behind the GaBP Ring™ device and the banded gastric bypass operation.


Our Story

Learn more about Bariatec and morbid obesity, a family company that is quickly growing into an industry leader.

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